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Accidentally Homosexual – Fact

image Accidentally Homosexual – Fact


Fact: 4 years after his crash, a man sued a driver and won after he claimed the accident had turned him into a homosexual.

Homosexuality is mainly acquired after a person becomes an adult and figures out that he/she is different from others. But one man experienced his sex transformation after going through a rear end collision in a car accident.

A 27 year old Michigan resident was involved in a rear-end collision with a truck. After his accident, the man did not suffer any serious injuries and lived to see another day. But after four years of this unfortunate incident, the man finally sued the truck driver and his company.

His claim was that right after the ‘rear-end’ collision, his entire life changed. His relationship with his wife came to an end because he could no longer maintain sex life. He claimed that the accident had affected his life in such a way that he could no longer live with the same personality.

He claimed that the accident had turned him into a homosexual. And by the time of the case, his wife had left him and he had to live his life by going to gay bars and reading gay stories regularly.

Fortunately for him, the court believed the man and awarded him $200,000, while his wife also received $25,000.

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