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Do Apples Have Caffeine – Fact

image Do Apples Have Caffeine – Fact


Fact: Apples are more efficient than caffeine to alert and wake you up in the morning.

Since a very long time, all of us have believed that caffeine is best for waking us up in the morning. Not only have we believed this since a long time, we continue to believe it but as opposed to contrary believe, apple is better than caffeine for waking you up in the morning. However, it does go by without saying that caffeine is quite effective to wake you up in the morning too.
Apple is an antioxidant just as caffeine is. Most of us consume caffeine in the form of coffee when we wake up. However, both have different effects on our health. Apple is not only efficient in waking us up in the morning, more than caffeine but it is also has a number of health benefits. Apples are known to be very healthy for the human body. Apple doesn’t contain chemicals just as caffeine does but it contains healthy form of sugars such as fructose that not only alarm you when you consume it in the morning but also help you stay afresh throughout the day.
Undoubtedly, caffeine helps in waking you up in the morning because of the chemical stimulants it contains but caffeine is not a healthy option for you to choose. Instead, apple, being an antioxidant and a healthy choice, makes a better choice for waking yourself up in the morning.

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