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Farts Damage Space Suits – Fact

image Farts Damage Space Suits – Fact


Fact: Farts can damage spacesuits. This is the reason why astronauts are not allowed to eat beans before going into space.

The fact that humans have landed on the moon and are now discovering the farthest edges of our solar system is intriguing. Most of us are inspired by the suited men who risk their lives for the advancement of science. It all looks like a dream come true; to be able to step on the moon and see the earth from afar. Besides the awe inspiring feelings we get, we also ask ourselves questions of practicality. The most intriguing one of these perhaps is how astronauts fart. Being humans, it is only reasonable to assume that they must fart sometimes while in space. When they do so, what happens?

Some believe that the space suit can be damaged if the astronaut farts. This however is a myth because the spacesuit developers at NASA are smart enough to have thought of this. Even the astronauts do not come in harm’s way if they fart. The spacesuits maintain a certain level of oxygen in them. The air is kept fresh and stale air is replaced. Consequently, even if the astronauts fart, the air is quickly cleaned and they do not in fact have to live with the fart in their suits till they return home. Astronauts can thus have as many bean dinners as they wish.

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