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Hillary Clinton and NASA – Fact

image Hillary Clinton and NASA – Fact


Fact: As a child, Hillary Clinton wrote to NASA inquiring on how to become an astronaut – NASA replied saying girls could not be astronauts.

In 2009, Hilary Clinton made an appearance at the Women’s Museum in Dallas where she revealed interesting bits and pieces about her childhood. She told the attendees that she was always a tomb boy kind of a girl when she was young and that she loved to play sports alongside boys.

Clinton said that as a kid, she wanted a career in baseball. She said that she really desired to be a baseball player or a journalist, but when she reached the age of 13, her desire to join NASA grew as she thought it would be great to visit the moon one day.

Hilary Clinton wrote a letter to NASA inquiring about how she could join their team and become an astronaut. To her surprise, NASA replied by simply saying that girls couldn’t be one. She told the women attending her speech that at her time it was quite hard for a woman to go for a career she wanted. But with today’s standards, things have changed so much that women can now finally get a job that they desire, even in NASA.

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