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How Hawaiian Islands are Born

image How Hawaiian Islands are Born


The history of the Hawaiian islanders is unique and full of mystery and myths. Their culture is rich and they believe in many different Gods and deities. Archeologists believe that these islands were formed some six million years ago due to volcanic activity in the Pacific. The Hawaiian islanders do not share this explanation and believe that it was in fact formed as a result of intercourse between the mother earth and the father sky.

According to archeologists, the Hawaiian people originate from ancient Polynesians and some Southeast Asian tribes. This was found through DNA tests and studying of the culture and language of the natives.

A visit to these islands reveals that many stone statues have been erected in honor of their Tiki Gods. Their folklore includes personified nature. There are Gods of war, fertility, sea, light and life etc. Human sacrifices are made to these gods in order to ensure that they are protected from violent nature. It ensures that food will be plentiful and the island will be protected from volcanoes and seas storms.

Their mythology also includes tales of ancient warriors and men depicting animals; like shark man and cannibal dog man. These warriors wore traditional Tiki masks and were responsible for the protection of the Hawaiian people.

SOURCE Mythichawaii

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