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Is Coca Cola Really Bad For Your Health?

image Is Coca Cola Really Bad For Your Health?


Fact: Nails will dissolve if drowned and kept in a cup full of Coca Cola for 4 days.

Coca Cola holds the position of the best cola drink around the world. It has effectively competed against other popular cola brands and has always remained the top brand. Being on the top comes at a price. Your competition or other people who are not in favor of your product can pose a threat and start propaganda.

Coca Cola has long been targeted with negative health effects of one which catches the eye quite prominently. Apparently, if you keep your nails in a cup full of Coca Cola they will completely dissolve in four days. A team of researchers set out to test this claim.

The researchers performed a very comprehensive experiment which included different varieties of Coke and nails. The team placed different set of nails in different flavors of Coke and left it there for four days. After exactly four days and 2.5 hours, the researchers found that the claim made against Coca Cola is false.

Coca Cola failed to dissolve the nails within the given time, hence proving that it isn’t as destructive as people have claimed it to be. After knowing this you can at least go drink a can of Coke knowing that it isn’t capable of dissolving nails in four days.

  • Guest

    Mhm…whatever. I don’t see my nails in a cup and it’s been 4 days already.

  • Nikki Pink

    Lol I’m gunna try it

  • Siamak

    Dear guest, maybe your little brother displaced it :))))

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