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Katy Perry Makes Fun Of A Fan’s Ex-Boyfriend During Concert, And It’s Hilarious (4 pics)

She’s got one dirty mouthKaty Perry: you either love her or you hate her…or something in between. Either way, there’s no denying she’s one of today’s biggest stars, so that means you’ll be pretty cool if you choose to be a spiteful little turd. Katy Perry? Hue, hue, hue. What a mediocre singer. -_- (That’s me being sarcastic, internet trolls.)

Even if you don’t like her, you will have to respect Katy’s willingness to lay the verbal smackdown on fools, like during this concert. During her Prismatic tour, Katy grabbed a fan’s phone and noticed a diss at her singing ability. This is what ensued:1Photos 1 of 4

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