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Myth About Brain Usage – Fact

image Myth About Brain Usage – Fact


Fact: Scientists have debunked the myth that we use only 10 percent of our brains, claiming that we use 100 percent.

There is an inherent tendency within us all where we wish to believe that we have a lot of potential but we are just too lazy or caught up to hone it. Perhaps this is where the myth concerning brain usage came from. A wide majority believes that human beings only use 10% of their brains. Smarter individuals, like say Albert Einstein, used up to 20%. What this implies is that anyone can be as smart as Albert Einstein as long as he trains himself to use more of his brain. Scientists have proved, however, that nothing could be further from the truth.

Research shows that people in fact use 100% of their brains 24 hours a day. Different areas of the brain are equipped to perform certain essential functions and thus have to remain active for us to do even simple tasks like pouring coffee. Intelligence, as we understand it, comes from neural connections and have nothing to do with how much brain we use. It is however possible that we may use only 10% of our brain while we sleep because there are no motor functions or visual data. Even at this time though, the brain has to maintain temperature, the sense of the presence of others etc.

  • Zoe

    i think that the parts we use, that we don’t realise we are using are parts of our sub conscience, and we could do more with it, but its left dormant, we have things stored in our memory, but we’re not always thinking about them, just a thought from an ordinary girl

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