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Odorless Shit Pills From Japan – Fact

image Odorless Shit Pills From Japan – Fact


Fact: A clinic in Japan created pills that claimed by consuming you could completely get rid of poop odor.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this odorless shit pills is a product of Japan. The country has been known to produce some of the weirdest products man has ever seen, and this one is no different.

Have you ever felt embarrassed after shitting because of your poop smelling really bad? Well if you are one of those less fortunate people who have tried all the local remedies like eating yogurt to get rid of your poop smell, but it never worked for you then enter Etiquette Up.

Etiquette Up comes from a local pharmacy/clinic in Japan which guarantees that after eating 2 pills a day for a couple of days, your poop will be completely odorless. Though keep in mind such luxury comes at a cost. You may experience diarrhea at the start but after that things get well.

The pharmacy/Clinic which came up with the pills calls these lady tablets. It says that these are designed to make sure that they are perfect because the pills are guaranteed to rid them of the only smell they cannot using cosmetics/perfumes/deodorants. So if you are a lady that wants to be perfect with no smell at all, maybe you should consider trying these!

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