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Sex with a Virgin Myth – Fact

image Sex with a Virgin Myth – Fact


Fact: In Zambia, a popular belief is that having sex with children/virgins can cure AIDS/HIV

Over the past recent years, having sex with children in Zambia has become one of the normal activities for the people. This is because of a widespread belief injected into the minds of people through local healers that having sex with virgins/children can cure them of AIDS/HIV.

The misinformation spread by healers has reached so high that the number of children being defiled each year has hit a significant high. The High Court of Zambia has urgently ordered the amendment of the defilement act. They hope that by publically revealing the photos of the offenders will help reduce the act significantly because in past imprisonment of such individuals have failed.

The current situation of the country is that nearly in every court, at least 3 – 4 cases regarding the defiled children is being heard per session. The court has a reason to believe that the belief spread by local healers is the major cause of defilement cases being on the rise.

The court also ordered the police to arrest such individuals who spread baseless beliefs into the mind of simple, poor folk. The imprisoned individuals have also been interviewed to obtain the name of such healers so the process could speed up.

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