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What Mosquito Repellent Do? – Fact

image What Mosquito Repellent Do? – Fact


Mosquito’s are one of the worst insects that invade human homes during the summer. These insects are known to spread all kinds of diseases such as malaria and dengue. In order to avoid these pests, humans have created chemicals that are combined together and used as repellents for the mosquito. Contrary to popular belief, mosquito repellents don’t actually repel the insect themselves; they hide you so the mosquito can’t see you.


Most natural and manmade mosquito repellents work exactly the same way, only the effects on your skin or environment is different. A typical mosquito repellent makes you invisible to mosquitoes by masking the odor of your body, which the insects are attracted to. The insect repellent replaces your body odor with a smell of its own and due to the use of chemicals, the repellents emit a smell that is very unattractive to female mosquitoes. However, keep note that this fact is only true for the liquid based repellents that are applied to your skin. Other repellents like the coil emits a smell that actually makes the mosquitoes go away.


The most active ingredients in a mosquito repellent are DEET and Picaridin, both being made by humans are commonly used in liquid based repellents. The mosquitoes are attracted to smell by using the chemo receptors on the antennas. Once a mosquito comes in contact with the aforementioned chemicals, it can no longer smell the odor of a human because these chemicals hide the smell, thus hiding you from the mosquitoes.

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