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Your First Kiss and Your Memory – Fact

image Your First Kiss and Your Memory – Fact


Fact: Your First Kiss stays in your memory forever overshadowing the memory of losing your virginity.

They say that a passionate kiss can last for an eternity, some scientists have found this to be true. In a research study conducted by scientists, it was found that you are most likely to remember your first passionate and romantic kiss for as long as you stay alive as opposed to the memory of losing your virginity.

No matter where or with whom your first kiss took place, scientists have found out that 90% of people will likely remember their first kiss more than their first intercourse. According to one scientist, Sherill Kirshenbaum, kisses are more appreciated by women compared to men, although they also tend to receive less pleasure out of a kiss than they had expected it to be.

The art of kissing is quite complex, which led Kirshenbaum to write a book about the kiss and how people take it. According to the book, men tend to be more aggressive when they are kissing because they are usually passing on a ‘testosterone bomb’ to their lover. Women on the other hand are busy judging their partner during a kiss which often leads to a lot of miscommunication.

Kirshenbaum’s book also reveals several other facts about kissing, one of which includes the passing of nearly 278 colonies of bacteria while two people kiss, although you do not need to worry because according to the study 95 per cent or more are harmless.

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    what if your first kiss was with the same person that took your virginity.

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